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LG-1003 automatic threading, detection resistance, rubberizing machine

LG-1003 automatic threading, detection resistance, rubberizing machine
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It is used to assemble the upper and lower lead rods, the heating wire and the rubber particles, and simultaneously implement the resistance detection function. This machine integrates automatic wire feeding, feeding out rods, threading, resistance detection, and wearing rubber particles in one; simple operation and high efficiency; product specifications can be customized according to customer requirements;

In the good product area and the defective product area, the products within the range of the resistance value automatically fall into the good product area.

The machine adopts: 1. PLC automatic control; 2, intelligent design, various faults, abnormalities, automatic shutdown, shutdown guidance; 3, man-machine interface operation, simple and convenient.

The main technical parameters: 

1. Power supply voltage: single phase 220V 50Hz

2. Rated power: 750W

3. Gas source: 0.5-0.7MPa

4. Heating wire diameter: 0.2-0.65mm

5. Efficiency: 800-900PCS/hour

6. Dimensions: 1400*1000*1600(mm)

7. Weight: 500KG

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