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LG-1006-automatic ceramic wearing, threading, detecting resistor

LG-1006-automatic ceramic wearing, threading, detecting resistor
  • Description

The utility model is used for assembling the upper and lower lead rods, heating wires and ceramic grains into one body and synchronously implementing resistance detection functions.

The machine is equipped with automatic wire feeding, sending and drawing rods, thread drawing and ceramics. It is simple and efficient.

The machine adopts: 1. PLC automatic control; 2, intelligent design, various faults, abnormal, automatic stop and stop instruction; 3, human-machine interface operation, simple and convenient.

Main technical parameters:

1. power supply voltage: single phase 220V 50Hz

2. rated power: 1.2KW

3. gas source: 0.5-0.7MPa

4. rod length: 40-60mm (customizable)

5. hair hot wire length: 50-400mm (customizable)

6. hot wire diameter: 0.2-0.65mm

7. efficiency: 800-900PCS/ hours

8. shape size: 1600*1200*1300 (mm)

9. weight: 500KG

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