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LG-1012 iron pipe five-in-one automatic production line

LG-1012 iron pipe five-in-one automatic production line
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Our company combines the actual situation of the production site and changes the traditional operation mode. The cutting process of the two ends is changed to the special turning of the turning tool to remove the pipe head part, which effectively reduces the dust of the workshop and the skill of the operating staff. The mechanical part adopts PLC. Program control, automatic output of electric heating tube, smooth operation of machinery, simple operation; product specifications can be customized according to customer requirements.

This machine adopts PLC control to realize automatic feeding, automatic feeding, automatic pipe cutting, extruding pipe head, cutting rod and drill powder integration operation, stable feeding, flat cutting surface of the pipe body, no burr in the inner hole, the whole process Improve the production automation without the need for special care;

The set of equipment is suitable for the production and processing of iron pipe electric heating pipe, and can realize no car scrap, no dust and no waste in the process of car pipe operation.

Power: 380V three-phase communication

Power: 2.2KW

Controller: PLC program control

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