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LG-1007 automatic extraction and cutting machine

LG-1007 automatic extraction and cutting machine
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The automatic pull-out cutting machine is an electric heating tube automatic equipment. The machine fully automatically completes the feeding and discharging and various actions, and the blanking-pulling-cutting process is automated, without special care; at the same time, according to the length of the product pipe and The length of the rod is adjusted and the equipment is stable. The machine adopts: 1. PLC automatic control; 2. Intelligent design, various faults, abnormalities, automatic shutdown, shutdown guidance; 3. Human-machine interface operation, simple and convenient .

The main technical parameters: 

1. Power supply voltage: single phase 220V, 50Hz or 60Hz.80W.

2. Gas source: 0.5-0.7MPa.

3. Efficiency: 900-1200PCS/hour

4. Dimensions (mm): 1300 × 1900 × 1300

5. Weight: 450kg.

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